Artiste 3D/Houdini - Motion Design - Clermont Ferrand/Paris

Motion Design 3D.
Houdini Generalist.

Thanks for stopping by!
I’m a freelance 3D Artist with many years of experience working as a motion designer on projects for some luxury companies and music artist. My expertise lies in SideFX Houdini, Karma, Octane and Redshift, with a focus on look development, lighting, SOP level procedural setups and simulation.
I’ve been fortunate to work with some of my favourite studios, including Onshore Studio and Adeus.

Also don’t hesitate to reach me if you need to bloom some flowers in CGI, i’m obsessed with this !

Roles you can hire me for
Procedural Animation
Procedual Modeling
Word Building

How I work I'm your go-to person for handling projects from start to finish. I can take care of everything, starting from the initial conceptual phase all the way through to the design and animation. And if we need extra help, I have a team of trusted creatives who can join in when required.
Working collaboratively in a team is where I thrive. I can step in at certain stage of the process and contribute wherever it's needed. I'm always open to taking direction and learning valuable knowledge and experience from others. So, let's team up and create something great together !