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Artiste 3D/Houdini - Motion Design - Clermont Ferrand/Paris

Motion Design 3D.
Simulation Specialist.
Art Direction.

Motion Designer based in Clermont Ferrand and Paris.

I am an artist, French designer based in Clermont Ferrand. Through cinema and digital image, I offer visual storytelling to create cinematographic works for brands and artists.

Between 3D simulation and generative art.

I have mainly been using Houdini for 4 years in my workflow, I have developed a very procedural approach in my way of working with many personal tools that have been refined, optimized, completed over time with many professional and personal projects, which will help make some of your projects more efficient. I most often make videos for artists or events, as a team or alone.

Work outside of Houdini.

For teamwork, I adapt my workflow for compatibility with Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine mainly. Find more technical information on my workflow by clicking here.

Contact Motion Design. (Paris, LA, NYC).

If you have a project or potential collaboration that you would like to discuss, please contact me at
Most projects can be organized only by phone or email.

Visual production process.

If you wish, for step-by-step follow-ups and reassurance on the progress of the project, the use of Notion allows me to share different Work In Progress with you, you can add comments, view deadlines, etc.