Artiste 3D/Houdini - Motion Design - Clermont Ferrand/Paris

Motion Design 3D.
Houdini Generalist.

Workflow Process

List of SOPs features of the ATTools pack

Production process & Workflow.

I have mainly been using Houdini for 5 years, it is the main software in my workflow. I have been able to develop a very procedural approach in the way I work with a lot of personal tools that have been refined, optimized, completed over time with many professional and personal projects. All of this hard work and experience will help get some of your projects done more efficiently.

I have made videos most frequently for artists or events, as a team or alone.

Develop artistic visuals with studios or as a team.

For work in teams, I’ve already adapt my workflow for compatibility with Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine.
Exports are possible in .obj, .abc, .fbx, .stl, DEM Bones (.fbx) for traditional or realtime workflow.
Volume Texture (.exr), Niagara (.hbjson), Vertex Animation Texture, etc ... for realtime workflow.

3D animation or generation tools.

For companies, I can assist certain technical achievements by creating procedural tools (.hdalc) to automate tasks. Example : Yarn Tool.

Quality rendering.

Different rendering solutions are possible for different production qualities. I am a Redshift - Karma user.

Real-time rendering.

For realtime rendering solutions, Unreal Engine will be the only solution that can be used with my workflow to date. Possibility of creating procedural environments with the Houdini Engine.